The expertise and artful brilliance of Jaeger-LeCoultre has always been revealed through each of its timepieces created over the years. Watchmakers, artisans, engineers and technicians united in the heart of Vallée de Joux, share the same vision of excellence and work to give birth to unique horological creations. Amongst its many noted creations, Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso has been the perfect canvas for creativity since its introduction in 1931.

 Created in response to a challenge set by British Officers playing Polo in India, the players called for a need to wear a robust wristwatch that could withstand the knocks and impact experienced during the polo match. The result was an art-deco inspired wrist-watch with a unique swivel system that allowed the glass to be protected.


However, it immediately became a canvas for special messages and artistic expression to be decorated with the art of enameling or engraving. The manufacture enables creating personalised decorations to fulfil all wishes and ideas, from the simplest to the most sophisticated designs. One may choose to present their identity on the Reverso, either by engraving initials in a chosen script or style, significant date or a message of love. These symbols can be complimented by a colored background, or inscribed within a family crest or in the Art Deco style. The craftsmen of the manufacture apply their talents to bringing personalised designs to life with elaborate engravings, miniature paintings through the Grand Feu (most difficult decorating technique used in watchmaking) enamel technique, intricate settings of gemstones, or a combination of them all, in order to make the Reverso as personal as possible.

Left: King Edward VIII’s inscribed Reverso watch, Right: Amelia Earhart’s Reverso

Left: King Edward VIII’s inscribed Reverso watch, Right: Amelia Earhart’s Reverso


The Reverso has attracted the attention of notable personalities like King Edward VIII of England and Amelia Earhart, an American aviator, for its personalizable backside. King Edward VIII had the royal crest of the throne he had abdicated engraved on his Reverso while Amelia Earhart’s Reverso featured the itinerary of her first flight.

The Reverso, with its reversible case that lends itself well to the art of decoration, opened a world of unlimited creative possibilities and expression that keep with the inventive spirit of founder Antoine LeCoultre. The manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre, has continued to push the limits being one of the few maison’s to master the arts of enamelling and hand-engraving that continue to be a source of inspiration for all.


What could be a more beautiful canvas for your treasured memories than the Grande Maison’s ultimate icon, the Reverso, transforming it from a fine watch to a reminder of a meaningful story. The timepiece’s iconic rotating case made it a work of art and a way to express one’s personal message, the only limits are those of your imagination!

A precision timepiece built for sport, the Reverso is above all an intimate timepiece conveying personal emotions. In this respect, the Reverso quite simply has no equal and each Reverso can be truly regarded as unique and exclusive.

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